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CASE STUDY: Breathing New Life (and Lots more Air!) into a 32 year old North Norfolk Potato Box Store

Breathing New Life (and Lots more Air!) into a 32 year old North Norfolk Potato Box Store



Originally Installed in 1983 for East Broadlands Potato Growers comprising 3no. PU30 Floor Standing Air Handling units each fitted with a 30" dia. 4.4kw Axial Fan producing 18,000 cfm of air. This gave a ventilation rate of 36cfm per ton for the 1,500 tons stored. Total air volume = 54,000cfm.

This system was partially upgraded in 1999 by replacing the old sliding doors in the PU30 units with motorised louvres.

Although only designed to ventilate 1,500 tons the store was loaded with up to 2,100 tons in most seasons. Despite this acceptable results were still achieved.


2015 Upgrade

The 3no. PU30 units have been replaced with larger PU106 units. This gives a total air volume of 90,000cfm and a ventilation rate of 43cfm per ton for the 2100 tons store

The more powerful 6.6kw, 1000mm dia. Fans will give a much more satisfactory Air throw down the length of the building.

Inverter speed control has been fitted to the PU106 fans which gives the ability to distribute CIPC gas much more effectively. The gassing procedure has been fully automated using the new Farm Electronics LOGO gassing control.


Here's looking forward to the next 32 years!

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