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Unique Crop Stores

Unique Crop Stores Unique Crop Stores Unique Crop Stores
Unique Potato Store

Never one to shirk a challenge.  Is this Britain's most unusual Refrigerated Potato Store?


This nuclear proof F1-11 Jet Fighter Hanger is now an 1100 ton Refrigerated Onion Box Store!  The roof is 1m thick Reinforced Concrete, even the doors are 0.6m concrete.

Another Example of Recycling

This is a Type T2 WW2 aircraft hangar.  Now re-clad it houses 4 Onion Box Stores, two of which are Refrigerated.  A total of 5450 tons in all.

Case Study

After running into a brick wall with local planners which led to a two year delay in gaining planning approval owing to the nesting of stone curlews, a small ground nesting bird, at the The... read more ›

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