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Onion Storage

Onion Storage Onion Storage Onion Storage

Farm Electronics has been at the forefront of the conditioning and long term Onion Storage Industry for well over 30 years now. We are proud to provide a UK Based and Owned manufacturing and design service for UK producers.


Many of the UKs Largest Onion producers utilise our equipment to condition and store good quality produce year in, year out. A large proportion of these growers have returned time and time again to specify Farm Electronics designed systems for their new store projects.


While we are often involved in large New Build Storage Projects we are more than happy to supply equipment to upgrade existing systems and re-equip older buildings to give them a new purpose. This type of work can range from a newer temperature or humidity controller, replacing worn out fans, gas heaters or completely gutting an older shed and installing a modern ambient and/or refrigerated cooling system.


Our advice at the enquiry stage is always free and without obligation.  Please contact us with any storage improvement issues you may want information on.

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