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NEW FOR 2016 Our Refrigeration Control Panels have gone Digital!(Posted: 13/06/16 10:29)

New Style Panel Layout HMI Display Taking advantage of the massive steps forward in Digital Technology in recent years we have greatly improved our Refrigeration Co... read more ›

Large Red LED Temperature Display(Posted: 22/10/15 11:09)

Large Red LED Temperature Display

Large Red LED Temperature Display   This is a new product we are now able to offer. &n... read more ›

Large Onion Store Gas Burner Set(Posted: 11/08/14 11:45)

Large Onion Store Gas Burner Set

These two "Stand Alone” Gas Burners each produce 2.5 million Btu’s of heat (732kw) giving total of 5 million Btu’s (1464kw) for a 1000 ton Onion Storage system. Using the highly adjustable (40.1) ... read more ›

2000 ton Onion Box Store Project nears completion(Posted: 17/07/14 10:13)

  These giant fan plenum boxes are the final part in a new 2000ton Onion Box Store ventilation system designed by Farm Electronics for a leading UK Onion Producer. ... read more ›

FE ACE Gas Heaters roll off the production line!(Posted: 19/05/14 10:52)

FE ACE Gas Heaters roll off the production line!

Demand for our newly introduced (2013) ACE Gas Heaters continues to rise. Users are beginning to appreciate its technical features that provide true 40:1 turndown (giving very close temperature or... read more ›

F-Gas Regulations-R22 Phase Out(Posted: 15/04/14 10:45)

Please see document for detailed information ... read more ›

Farm Electronics Makes Major Investment in New Manufacturing Machinery(Posted: 27/03/14 11:36)

Amada Hydraulic Upstroke Press Brake 50 Tons In order to improve quality and speed of production of our in house sheet metal products such as Motorised Louvres we have a... read more ›

Loads of Louvres!(Posted: 20/03/14 11:30)

Loads of Louvres!

Louvres lined up on the factory floor. Twenty Two of a batch of Forty 2m x 2m Motorised Insulated Louvres near completion in our Grantham factory.  They will become a key part of a giant ... read more ›

Case Study

Breathing New Life (and Lots more Air!) into a 32 year old North Norfolk Potato Box Store     ... read more ›

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