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Roof Fan

Roof Fan Roof Fan

The Farm Electronics roof fan is designed to provide efficient roof space ventilation and air movement for the minimum installation and running cost.  The long case design increases the directional 'throw' of the air to ensure the maximum effect in roof space.  It is available with single or multi-starter control panels for manual or automatic operation.

Roof Fan - Technical Specification

      18swg galvanised sheet steel
      1/2" x 1/2" galvanised Twilweld with rolled zinc electro-plated edging
      2 suspension hooks (incorporating carrying handle)
      510mm (20") diameter 620mm (24 1/2") overall length
      24.5Kg (54lbs)
      500mm diameter heavy duty plastic impeller
      240v single phase.  TEFC 180w/1.4a FLC 1425 rpm
      External mounted terminal box with screw terminals
Air Volume
      3000cfm approximately
      Manual fandangler to allow manual adjustment of blowing direction or motorised fandangler to
      provide automatic 90 degree sweep of air direction

Fandangler Bracket

The manual bracket enables the fan to be turned and directed easily and quickly to ensure maximum efficiency in operation.

The fan is suspended by chains from a sturdy box section crossbar.  Direction of ventilation is set by rotating the crossbar manually against a friction washer, which holds the fan in the desired position.

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