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Grain De-Humidifier (Dryer)

Grain De-Humidifier (Dryer) Grain De-Humidifier (Dryer) Grain De-Humidifier (Dryer)

Outside view of De-Humidifier and upper By-Pass Louvres

Inside View

De-Humidifier under construction

This giant 185 kw De-Humidifier was engineered for a large On-Floor Grain Store in Lincolnshire.

Offering a much more controlled grain drying capability than traditional gas heaters with potential large energy savings too.

Linked to a Duplex set of Centrifugal Drying fans the De-Humidifier is positioned in the air intake wall of the fan house.  Upper By-Pass motorised Louvres allow air intake for the drying fans when the De-humidifier is not in use.

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