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Suction Walls for Potato Box Stores

Suction walls have gained popularity in recent years to greatly improve the air distribution in 'Free Blow' Box Potato Stores. By matching the openings in the suction wall to the air volume used the overall air pattern can be much more evenly distributed.

Usually constructed in timber the suction wall is positioned at the same end of the store as the air handling units and/or refrigeration coil. The Exhaust louvres (on ambient equipped stores) are positioned behind (inside) the suction wall thereby guaranteeing the air path during ambient cooling as well.

A Suction Wall can be a great benefit when carrying out CIPC gassing in ensuring a more even distribution of the gas.

Pictures show examples of suction wall installations.

Suction Walls

Case Study

Breathing New Life (and Lots more Air!) into a 32 year old North Norfolk Potato Box Store     ... read more ›

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