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Insulated Motorised Louvres

Insulated Motorised Louvres Insulated Motorised Louvres Insulated Motorised Louvres

Farm Electronics design and manufacture Motorised Louvres for Crop Storage applications.
Originally designed in 1983 these louvres have proved ultra reliable and are little altered today apart from improved paint protection.

Over 6,500 louvres have been produced and many early examples are still in operation today.

Fully insulated on the reverse face (to minimise cold bridging) with brush seal strips on the blade ends and unique individually sprung blades to eliminate slack in the drive linkages, the louvres have minimal air leakage.

Louvres have been favoured in the HVAC industry for a long time due to their ability to give effective linear proportional control when 'air mixing'.

Large Flaps which are favoured by some manufacturers will tend to give a very 'logarithmic' non-linear effect during air mixing as they are in effect a single bladed louvre.



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