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Evaporative Humidifier Fan Assisted

Evaporative Humidifier Fan Assisted
To help maintain high levels of relative humidity within crop storage buildings, Farm Electronics
has developed a unique floor standing evaporative humidifier which halts damaging weight and
quality loss in potatoes and other root crops during storage.

Farm Electronics have utilised the HUMIDRAFT humidifier coil and installed it in a floor
standing unit. Locating the assembly at floor level, makes installation of electrical and water supplies
and drainage much simpler and safer. The unit is then extended vertically through galvanised sheet
ducting sections to the height required to allow discharge above the stored crop level.

The standard unit occupies approximately 0.6m2 (6sq.ft) of 
floor space and may be extended to 5.5 meters (18ft) in height
to discharge above six-box high stacking. With an airflow of
some 1.7m3/s (3600 cub.ft per min) it is capable of maintaining
the relative humidity levels at between 95%-98% in 500 ton
store. This enables the replacement of moisture levels normally
lost during cooling operations in storage yet, required to keep the
stored crop in prime condition.

Controls for the humidifier unit are located in waterproof control
panel mounted on the side of the base unit. The control panel is 
fitted with a door interlock isolator switch, for complete electrical
safety and a selector switch providing Automatic Off and Manual
Run selections. In the Auto Mode the unit operates intermittently
with preset run and off periods. A simple timeclock controls the
operation and can be set for almost any variation of On and Off

Technical Details:

Base Unit         110cm (w) x 53cm (d) x 170cm (h)

Fan                   450mm dia. 3600cfm 0.3kw 1-phase 2.2amp

Control Panel   Epoxy coated enclosure with door interlock
                         isolator Auto/Off/Manual selector switch and
                         24hr On-Off Timeclock.

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