Design & Engineering

Whether it be a new or existing store our team of trained technical sales engineers are available to assist across the UK. From conception through to delivery, Farm Electronics can help you get the storage solution that suits you.

At the end of the project, Farm Electronics will conduct a project installation check and commissioning of the system. We also work closely with a selection of approved contractors who are well versed with Farm Electronics equipment if you urgently require assistance. These approved contractors can be found here.

As well as our standard fans, we work closely with our suppliers so we can provide our customers with the perfect solution to fit their needs. Our fans are ordered specifically for each job, this allows us to specify exactly what each customer requires in terms of size, air flow, noise cancellation, guards and dampers. This isn’t only for in packaged cooling units but also plenum units, air ducts, grain drying fans and any other application when fans are required.

As well as fans, we can use our time served experience to offer crop storage solutions whether it be a new building or a conversion. We can help the customer work out what air requirements they need as well as what refrigeration duty is required to pull down and hold the crop at certain temperatures and we can discuss the most optimum ways to ventilate the crop efficiency.