Potato Storage

Onion Storage

Drying Plenum
The Drying Plenum allows forced drying/warming of a small batch of boxed product. The unit serves 2 boxes wide x 6 boxes high and up to 9 boxes out. (108 Boxes). The 2.7kw 3 phase axial fan produces 12500 cfm of air giving a positive ventilation rate of 115cfm per ton. Using the side mounted control panel, the operator can either run the fan continuously or program a number of hours blowing after which time the fan will stop. Inbuilt forklift pockets allow very easy movement of the Plenum Box Multiple plenums can be stacked together also.

Gas Burner
Farm Electronics ACE gas burner is a fully modulating gas Heater for onion drying. The gas burner has a dedicated combustion fan with a motorised inlet iris and automatically adjusts the combustion air volume in proportion to the gas flow. Outputs from 400,000 Btu/hr (117kW) to 3,500,000 Btu/hr (1,025kW).

The Axial Fans have a lightweight construction and low levels of vibration. Based on aerospace technology the fans have a high efficiency performance. Adjustable pitch angle impeller allows optimum aerodynamic performance for each motor output. Fans are available in sizes from 300mm to 1600mm diameter and most are available in either single or three phase operation.

Ambient & Humidity Sensor
The combined ambient and humidity sensor is essential when it comes to ambient ventilation and monitoring ambient temperature and humidity. The sensor comes encased in a black PCV case with wall mtg bracket.

Refrigeration Coil
The free-standing fridge coils like the packaged refrigeration units can off duty’s from 30kW to 92kW with some special duty outputs available on request. Predominantly used in bulk stores, in some scenarios the coils can be retrofitted to existing ambient stores be it bulk or box. The refrigeration coils are piped to a remote condenser located outside of the store.

Compressor Housing
Farm Electronics manufacture a range of compressor housings, the housing contains the compressor and refrigeration controls which are linked back to the cropscan 12” touchscreen control panel in the store. A remote condenser which is piped to the refrigeration coil sits on top.

Split Refrigeration Units
Farm Electronics manufacture a wide range of split refrigeration units from 30kW to 92kW. Split refrigeration units are predominantly used when noise levels are an issue, there are limitation in space behind the store, or a larger duty output is required. Split refrigeration units can be used in ambient stores, where ducting can be fixed to the back of the fridge to bring in ambient air.

Remote condenser
Unlike the packaged refrigeration unit Farm Electronics split fridges have a remote condenser. Remote condensers are predominantly used in fridge only stores, when noise levels are a concern or when space behind the store is restricted.

Louvre Rain & Light Filter
Farm Electronics louvre rain and light filters are manufactured from black OVC waveform light filter cassettes encased in a galvanised steel support frame. Simply fitted directly to the flange of the louvre, the filters will prevent direct sunlight and water from entering through the louvres.

Suction Wall
Timber suction walls are becoming ever more popular especially in new stores. We will assist with design and recommend third party installation companies. We will specify the door opening positions for the return air when using air bags or the opening sizes in the wall which line up with the pallet opening in the boxes. Granary type stairs are a welcome addition for crop inspection over the top of the boxes and to position crop temperature sensors.

Crop Sensor
Available in 5m cable increments, this item is essential when it comes to monitoring temperatures throughout the store. We do offer sensor health checks and sensor repairs if possible.

Ambient Sensor
Available in 5m cable increments, this item is essential when it comes to ambient air ventilation. This comes with a bracket. The sensor is to be mounted approximately 2m off the ground and on the north face of the building if possible.

Packaged Refrigeration Unit (PRU)
Farm Electronics manufacture a wide range of PRU’s from 30kW to 92kW, special duty outputs are available on request. Complete fabrication in the factory improves production efficiency and enables complete testing before dispatch and greatly improves installation time. These include evaporator coil, compressor, condenser, intake louvre, recirculation louvre, evaporator fans, ducts and hoods.

Packaged Ambient Unit (PAU)
Farm Electronics manufacture a range of PAU’s which offer air volumes from 6.1m3/s to 14.15m3/s. These comprise of a free-standing mixer box, axial fan, ambient air intake and recirculation louvre, wall section and pest guard. These are perfect for increasing the ambient ventilation in a high-level box store. Stand lengths can be increased to fit over existing solid walls. This option can also be used to add on a fridge unit retrospectively.

Control Panel Including 12” Touchscreen Cropscan
Farm Electronics have built fully integrated electrical control panels for over 30 years. From simple DOL motor starter to Frequency speed- controlled inverter starters can be provided. Integrated into the control panel is the 12” touchscreen Cropscan which continuously scans the crop temperature with automatic selection of ambient or refrigeration modes. More information can be found on the controls and panels section of the website.

Motorised Louvres
Motorised louvres are used to provide positive air control in both ambient and refrigerated cooling systems. Fully insulated and overlapping 20mm polyfoam on the reverse face to minimise cold bridging with brush steel strips on the blade ends and a unique individual spring to eliminate slack in the drive linkage, the louvres have minimal air leakage. All louvres come complete with a 240V drive actuator. The louvres come in a selection of different colors to match the external store paneling.

Roof Fans
These are installed into the roof space using a fan mounting bracket and chain. These can be positioned so they blow into the extremities of the building to improve the total air movement around the store. These come as 510mm diameter, single phase or 3 phase and give an approximate air volume of 3000cfm at 1”wg. Electric roof fan heaters are also available if storing at higher temperature to reduce the likelihood of condensation.

Air Bags
Air bag fitted between the 2 rows of boxes can be inflated and deflated individually to create an air pocket forcing air to pass through the boxes. There is a vertical air bag at the end of each row that blocks off the air to create a pocket. These bags are fitted onto rails so if the store is only partially full you can move the bag to align with the last row. The air compressor and inlet pipework is fitted to the top of the suction wall to allow easy access and installation.

Junction Box
Crop sensor junction boxes are usually fitted on the walkway on the top of the suction wall. This can be made up of 4, 8 or 16 crop temperature sensors and acts as a central point to then spread out across the store. Ports are numerically labelled to make it easier to track the temperatures within the store.

Floor Standing Humidifier
We offer a range of humidification units to suit various applications. The free-standing humidifier is built with a control panel and time clock. Fitted with 1000mm x 1000mm x 100mm phenolic resin evaporative pad and 450mm diameter fan it is suitable for up to 500t of potatoes.