Grain Store Controller


We are pleased to announce a brand new Grain Store controller which interfaces seamlessly with the Farm Electronics ACE Gas Burner.

This LCD Multiline Screen PLC control provides multiple functionality in one easy to use package. Using tried and tested temperature and RH sensors all the requirements of grain conditioning and long term cooling are provided for. In addition a Digital Readout of Duct Air Pressure is provided allowing the operator to see exactly how the store fan is performing.

A high accuracy Artificial Intelligence PID controller is provided to get the most accurate control of the gas heater based on air duct humidity. This can be used separately or in combination with the ambient conditioning RH system. This utilises both an Ambient and a Duct RH sensor to ensure the most efficient drying RH levels are obtained.

Once grain conditioning is achieved the same system can be switched over to ambient cooling which will use ambient air to cool the grain with the safety of an RH cut off if conditions are too damp outside.