Vertical Air Flow Fully Modulating Gas Heater

In recent years it has become popular to install fans within an internal fan chamber blowing down vertically into an air duct. If a gas heater is required as part of this set up the traditional heaters available have serious problems.

The common “Torpedo Style” stand alone heater is unsuitable as the space is not available within the fan chamber to accommodate the unit.

The other style of duct mounted heater requires an air gap to get oxygen to the burner to balance combustion. The air turbulence caused by the enclosed ducting air box usually leads to problems with the flame going out or an incomplete gas burn.

The Farm Electronics ACE Burner overcomes all these issues as its compact design and independent air combustion fan give predictable burn performance under all circumstances.  With the added bonus of 40:1 turn down accurate duct temperature control can be achieved utilising our standard Hi-Spec Intelligent PID control unit.. The best turn down with other Duct Style Burners is usually 25:1 and with most Torpedo Burners a crude “Multi Jet Step” control is used which give incredibly poor temperature control results