Cropscan Electronic Temperature Controllers

The Cropscan 16 mc4 is a computer based crop temperature control system suitable for use in all vegetable crop storage systems.

CropScan 16 MC3Special Features

  •     Large White on Blue LCD Displays
  •     High and Low temperature safeguards
  •     Easy menu selection switch
  •     Hour counter for ambient cooling, refrigeration and recirculation.
  •     14 Day Datalog ‘Look Back’

The new Cropscan 16 mc4 will operate with 1 to 16 crop sensors, 1 ambient sensor, 1 air mix sensor and optional RH sensor.

Air mix control to mix ambient air with store air to achieve desired cooling air temperature, adjustable, with built in safety cutout at 1.5C below air mix set point.

Shut off interval to prevent immediate restart, adjustable up to 5 hours.

Refrigerated cooling controls give priority to ambient air cooling.

LED map show actual state of control functions with arrow chain starting with “cooling required” then leading to “cooling on” or “refrigeration on” according to ambient temperatures and programme selected.

New Features

  •     Individual Sensor Selection
  •     High and Low Temperature Band Cut Off
  •     CO2 Purge Timer
  •     Built in Datalogger with PC Interface
  •     Intelligent Air Mix Louvre Control
  •     Adjustable Offset
  •     14 Day Datalog Look Back on Screen


Remote Communications System Special Features 

  •     Sensor Scan on demand
  •     Remote Editing of key settings
  •     Collection of Datalog file
  •     System Alarm Alert
  •     Works with any Windows 95/98 PC

The Cropscan 16 mc4 can be linked to your office computer using either a locally wired or Modem System.

Modems can be either GSM (mobile) or BT landline, dependent on the site circumstances.

Cropscan 16 mc4 units can also be networked to one Modem to allow multi unit access.

The Crop Monitor graphing software provides a season record for each Cropscan System linked to your PC.

Cropscan 16mc4 Software Enhancements – March 2013

Two useful extra/improved features have now been released in a Software Upgrade to our popular Cropscan 16mc4 controller.

Warming Program
Previously this provided a basic fan / louvre control without the ability to “Air Mix”. This feature now has full Air Mix control which will provide the ability to warm a crop in a very controlled manner thereby minimising the danger of condensation etc. due to a large temperature differential.

Drying Program
A totally new control feature is DRYING. This became very relevant during the unprecedented wet harvest in 2012 which affected many growers. This allows the user to enter a safe “Drying Band” temperature around the current crop temperature. If the ambient temperature remains within this band the fans will run with the louvres fully open to dry the crop. In addition if an Ambient RH sensor is fitted, a high RH limit can be entered which will stop drying if it is considered too wet outside. If the user wants the fans to continue running even when outside conditions are unsuitable they can be set to run in Manual and then only the louvres will close leaving the fans running in recirculation.

All new Cropscan 16mc4 controllers will include these new features. Existing users can have their controllers easily upgraded if desired.