Roof Fan Heaters

The fan heater is built with a broad foot for stability when operating on the floor. Suspension hooks enable the fan to be hung in a position and a convenient carrying handle for easy movement.

The fan and heater elements are enclosed in an 18swg galvanised rolled steel casing which is fully guarded. An overheat cutout switch, set at 55 degrees C, gives complete electrical protection to the elements when wired into the heater contactor control circuit.

Hook bolts fitted to the fan heater provide a convenient means of suspending the unit in the building and 510mm (20”) diameter plastic ducting is available to spread the warmed air along the roof line as required.

A large external terminal box allow easy connection of the mains power supply cable to screw terminals. If required the fan motor can be run independent of the heater element.

Heater elements are available in 240v single phase –6kW only, and 415v 3-phase 6, 10 and 15kW.

The heavy duty plastic impeller delivers approximately 2000 cfm in the 6kW unit and 2500 cfm in the 10kW and 15kW units.

Technical Specifications

Fan HeaterCasing
18 SWG galvanised sheet steel

1/2” x 1/2” galvanised Twilweld

Built in foot and 2 suspension hooks

510mm (20”) diameter 620mm (241 D2 “) overall length

29.5kg (65lbs)

500mm diameter heavy duty plastic impeller

240v single phase. TEFC 180 watt 1425 rpm

Nickel-chrome resistance wire elements

Bi-metallic safety thermal cut out set at 55 degrees Manual reset

6kW + 10kW = 6mm wire capacity, 15kW = 10mm wire capacity

Manual fandangler to allow manual adjustment of blowing direction.  Polythene inflatable ducting to allow air to be distributed over long distances.  Perforated to suit