Evaporative Humidifier Wall Mounted

To help maintain high levels of relative humidity within crop storage buildings, Farm Electronics has developed a unique wall mounting evaporative humidifier which halts damaging weight and quality loss in potatoes and other food products during storage.

Farm Electronics have utilised the HUMIDRAFT humidifier coil and installed it in a wall mountingunit. Locating the assembly on a wall gives a compact low profile assembly.

The standard unit with an airflow of up to some 0.85m3/sec it iscapable of maintaining the relative humidity levels at between95%-98% in store. This enables the replacement of moisturelevels normally lost during cooling operations in storage, yetrequired to keep the stored crop in prime condition.

Controls for the humidifier unit are located in a waterproofremote control. The control panel is fitted with a door interlockisolator switch, for complete electrical safety and a selectorswitch providing Automatic, Off and Manual Run selections. Inthe Auto Mode the unit operates intermittently with preset runand off periods. A simple timeclock controls the operation andcan be set for almost any variation of On and Off periods. Amanual speed control allows the fan air flow to be adjusted asrequired.

Technical Details:

Base Unit         85cm (w) x 57cm (d) x 120cm (h)
Weight              Dry  70 kg     Wet  90kg
Fan                   500mm dia. 0.85m3/sec 0.8kw 1-phase 1.1amps

Control Panel   Epoxy coated enclosure with door interlockisolator Auto/Off/Manual selector switch and24hr On-Off Timeclock. Manual speed controlof fan.


Operation and Installation Instructions

Description of the Humidifier Operation

The Humidifier works by constantly dribbling water over two specially treated absorbent paperelements. The elements when fully “Wetted” provides a large evaporative surface area over whichthe air passing over the element can take up the  moisture. By constantly passing air over theelements it is ensured that the air is at the maximum saturation at all times. As the air only takesup whatever water it can, there is no danger of excess moisture being in the building. Anywater not taken up by the air recycles safely within the humidifier housing water storage tank.

The Farm Electronics Humidifier operates virtually maintenance free and requires no operatorsettings apart from setting the Auto On & Off times. After extended operating periods the paperelement may have to be renewed. This will be as a result  of water contamination deposits.Under normal conditions the element life should be a minimum of 2 to 3 seasons dependant onuse.

Operator Instructions

The remote control panel is very simple in operation. The main switch has an AUTO / OFF/MANUAL position. In MANUAL the Humidifier pump and recirculation fan run continuously.In AUTO the unit will run in times “Set On” on the timeclock on the panel.  Push the small pegsin to set “On Times”, pull pegs out to set “Off Times”. For maintenance the Main On / Offisolator at the bottom of the box can be used to gain access to the circuit breakers and fuses. Thesimple Fan Speed Control allows pre-set adjustment of the fan air flow.

Optional Auto RH Control

It is possible to control the Humidifier on RH level demand if a separate RH controller is fitted. (i.e. Farm Electronics Model CH1 or CH2)

In this case whenever the panel is switched to AUTO and RH falls below the set point the Humidifier is started up until the RH rises back above the set level. The inbuilt Time clock is overridden. However the Time clock can still be set and used independently as before if required.


Installation Instructions

The unit should be securely screwed/bolted in the desired location. The unit must be levelled using a spirit level. NB. It is very important that the unit is installed level. This is because the dribble bar must be level to obtain an even water flow over the element. Connect the terminal box to the appropriate terminals in the main control box. Connect a suitable mains water supply to the ballcock in the water reservoir tank. It is recommended that a water isolation valve is fitted to allow future service isolation. Run the reservoir overflow pipe through to a point where water can be safely  discharged making sure that this has a fall to outside along its length. Connect a 240v ac single phase supply to the main switch of the control panel. The total load of the panelis 2.5amps. To set up the water flow rate, switch the unit to manual. Adjust the flow valve behind the service panel at the front, to regulate the water flow from the dribble bar to a steady trickle over the whole length of the bar. This flow can be viewed through the two small perspex windows at the top of the evaporative element assemblies. Once these steps are complete the unit should be fully operational.