GSM Auto Alarm Dialler – Temperature + Fault Trip

This unit can be used to provide a Text message to one or more Mobile Phones in the event of a panel fault trip or a High Temperature occurring.

The Auto Dialler is linked to the main control panel alarm TRIP output which will trigger a preset TEXT MESSAGE ALERT which will be sent via a inbuilt GSM device to any number of Mobile Phone numbers that a pre-programmed into the unit.

In addition the Auto Dialler has a Digital Thermostat with a dedicated temp alarm remote sensor. This independent sensor will detect a too HIGH store temperature and again send a second preset TEXT MESSAGE ALERT to the same telephones.

Once installed and set up the unit will sit in the background and alert the Store Manager in the event of a fault situation.

On detecting the fault condition a single TEXT MESSAGE is sent to each nominated phone. No further messages will be sent until the fault is corrected.

The Auto Dialler requires a standard Pay As You Go SIMM card (NOT SUPPLIED) which can be pre-loaded with credit for the alarm texts.

For Crop Stores in remote locations that are difficult to visit regularly this unit can provide PEACE OF MIND that an equipment failure can be detected immediately.