Farm Electronics Cropscan Temperature Sensor

 5m long£28.00 plus VAT
10m long£30.00 plus VAT
15m long£33.00 plus VAT
20m long£35.00 plus VAT
25m long£38.00 plus VAT
30m long£41.00 plus VAT

Please advise of any numbering required on sensors when ordering

Sensor Repairs

Sensors can be repaired if a good length of cable still remains on the faulty lead

New Thermistor Tip£10.00 plus VAT
New 3 Pin Blue Plug£4.50 plus VAT
Test and Examine Sensors only£2.50 plus VAT

Simply return sensors to us and we will advise on repair requirements

Farm Electronics Temperature Sensor Extension Cable

5m long £27.00 plus VAT 
 10m long£30.00 plus VAT 
 15m long£33.00 plus VAT 
 20m long£36.00 plus VAT 
 25m long£39.00 plus VAT
30m long £41.00 plus VAT 
 35m long£44.00 plus VAT 
40m long £47.00 plus VAT 

Please advise of any numbering required on cables when ordering

NTC Tecno or Carel Stat Sensor

1.5m long£25.00 plus VAT
3.0m long£26.50 plus VAT