Star Delta Starter Assemblies

In many cases it is more cost effective to completely renew an old starter that has failed and the components are very difficult to source as they have become obsolete.

For this reason we stock a range of built up Star Delta Starters which can act as “DROP IN” replacements for large fans or refrigeration compressors.

These are available “off the shelf” for overnight despatch in an emergency.

The manufacture of the high quality control gear is Siemens

Note:  Stock assemblies have 240v ac control coils

Up to 18.5Kw  4 pole  Motors (36 amps)£194.00 plus VAT
Up to 30Kw  4 pole  Motors (52 amps)£314.00 plus VAT
Up to 37Kw  4 pole Motors (70 amps)£320.00 plus VAT

Add On Auxiliary Contacts (Specify when ordering if required)

Per Single Pole (N-Open or N-Closed)£3.70 plus VAT