Cropscan 12″ Touchscreen


Keep in Touch with your Potatoes!The Cropscan Touchscreen 7” is the sixth generation of the well trusted potato store controller. Following in the footsteps of the previous 1600+ units this model carries forward our core principles of ease of use and still is compatible with the temp sensors and junction boxes of Cropscan Number One!

The big leap forward with this model is the ability to connect to the Internet and view or set the unit via a Smartphone or your office PC or really any internet capable device. The app to do this is also free!

The heart of this unit is the 7” Colour Touchscreen which gives a really clear fully graphical user interface experience. All the features of previous Cropscans are included, plus some new ones which the higher end software incorporated can provide. For instance, a Bar Graph shows the percentage open-close the louvres are during air mixing. The popular “Ramp Down” feature for initial pull down of the crop temperatures is now much easier to use.

Another standard feature of the model is long term Datalogging and a season long graph can be generated by downloading the stored data (logged at 1hr intervals) to our

Graphing Season File software. This gives the ability to view all recorded temperatures in graphical and numerical format for the whole season.

As the Cropscan Touchscreen 7” is packaged in a similar sized enclosure with standardised sensor sockets earlier Cropscan models can be upgraded to this unit with minimal disruption, usually in a couple of hours.

Internet connection can be hard wired to an existing router if practical. Alternatively, we can supply a 4g modem with monthly SIM contract. Satellite connection would also be suitable.