Axial Fan – Front View Lightweight Construction and Low Levels of Vibration

Modern manufacturing techniques and materials result in a product, statically balanced, to minimise vibration levels.

Unique Aerodynamic Blade Section

Based on aerospace technology the impeller optimises air performance in a non-ducted installation.

High-Efficiency Performance

Adjustable pitch angle impeller allows optimum aerodynamic performance for each motor output.

300-1600mm Diameter Range

Fans are available in sizes from 300mm to 1600mm diameter and most are available in either single or three phase operation.


  • Fans are catalogued showing a Type D – ducted performance.
  • Volume – 0.25m3 per second – 50m3 per second.
  • Single or two-stage configuration with static pressure capability from 50pa-1500pa.
  • Axial Fan and Control PanelIP55 Weatherproofing
  • All fans are weatherproof IP55.

Silencers are constructed from pre-galvanised sheet steel with spun end rings incorporating tapped inserts for fixing. Silencers have a low resistance to airflow. The absorbent material is enclosed and protected by a pre-galvanised perforated steel sheet matching the fan’s diameter.

We can supply most fans from the Flakt-Woods Industrial Range.

Please contact us with your requirements for a fan quotation.