Packaged Ambient unit

Air handling unit with topHigh-level ventilation provides a cost effective and efficient method of ventilation and temperature control in vegetable box stores.

Farm Electronics design and manufacture Air Handling Units, specifically for use in vegetable stores where the crop is contained in boxes or trays, as in potato chitting stores, and where accurate temperature control and cooling by ambient air is necessary to maintain the crop in good condition and at the correct temperature.

The Air Handling Units are available in model sizes to use fans of increasing capacity and are approximately suited for 200 tons, 450 tons and 800 tons of potatoes.

All Air Handling Units are fitted as standard with motorised louvres for ambient air intake and internal air recirculation. The intake louvre blades are insulated with 20mm Styrofoam. The Air Handling Units are also supplied with an air distribution hood, which has adjustable outlet vanes to direct the cooling airflow evenly around the store.

Control of the package unit is normally by means of a Cropscan electronic crop temperature control system and several Air Handling Units can be controlled from one Cropscan. From the main fan starter/control panel the operator will also have complete manual control of all the components in the system.

Air Handling Units are available for 630mm, 800mm and 1000mm diameter axial fans. These fans provide high air volume at low energy rates and are ideally suited for ambient air-cooling systems.

Fan capacities range from 4 cubmtrs/sec to 15 cubmtrs/sec.

For the best possible operation the fans are individually selected for each store.